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Due to the tough economic climate (ever increasing prices i.e. petrol, food, inflation, etc.) that contributed to the decline in consumer spending, the founding members of The Coupon Company identified an opportunity to establish a company in the spirit of Ubuntu that would benefit both consumers, retailers and/or service providers

After successfully establishing a coupon culture in and around Pretoria, The Coupon Company has since grown from strength to strength. Our product & services have proven to be so effective that we have already expanded our business radius to include Durban and Cape Town within a matter of 18 months!

Coupons can be considered as a very dynamic method of advertising as the coupon itself encourages potential customers to shop at your store while giving the shopper a sense of achievement through having stretched their Rand that much further.

Our Unique Coupon Booklet concept provides the consumer/shopper with a multitude of savings while the advertiser enjoys the benefits of inexpensive marketing costs.



Simply, The Coupon Company acts as a catalyst for effective marketing!




The Coupon Company Team